Why is Cobalt a Critical Battery Material?

Cobalt is a less glamorous but critical piece of the Green Revolution narrative. As the Green Revolution continues to captivate us, many still don't know how this Critical Battery Material called Cobalt fits in. The rapid transition from fossil fuels to alternative energy, coupled with an accelerating shift from internal combustion engines towards electric vehicles, requires an efficient energy storage platform. The critical materials for the rechargeable-battery technologies enabling this global movement are elemental lithium and cobalt.

VisualCapitalist on Cobalt

Our friends at Visualcapitalist.com do a great job of explaining the science and investment opportunities involved in our business. The links below are previous work that they have done. Stay tuned for Genlith Inc. informational material designed by VisualCapitalist in the near future!

Cobalt: A Precarious Supply Chain

The Top 10 Reasons Investors Should Look at Cobalt

Cobalt Mining Returns to Chile

Cobalt Mining Returns to Chile After a 75 year hiatus, Chilean Cobalt Corp is developing the premier cobalt resource in the Northern Atacama. Have you already downloaded the project presentation?