A primer on why to invest in cobalt and the use of cobalt in batteries
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Cobalt and the Green Revolution

Generational opportunities are emerging as the world changes the way we produce, store, and consume energy. The rapid transition from fossil fuels to alternative energy, coupled with an accelerating shift from internal combustion engines towards electric vehicles, requires an efficient energy storage platform.

The critical materials for the rechargeable-battery technologies enabling this global movement are elemental lithium and cobalt.

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Electric cars are a primary technology in the green energy revolution

About Genlith

Headquartered in suburban Philadelphia, Genlith Inc. (“Genlith” or “the Company”) is a holding company focused on energy storage and critical battery materials. The investments managed by Genlith allow qualified individuals and institutions to participate in the economic potential, technological advancement, and sustainability benefits of the industry.

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Chilean Cobalt Corporation

A subsidiary of Genlith, Chilean Cobalt Corp is a primary cobalt and copper resource exploration and development company. The firm is developing premier cobalt resources in Chile.

We are building a production-ready team. C3's Management and Board of Directors are industry professionals with proven expertise in all areas related to mining, corporate governance, finance, and communications.

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