Are you investing in the Green Revolution?

Why is Cobalt a
Critical Battery Material? published this headline. "Elon Musk Needs More Cobalt - And So Do We"

Everyone gets excited over Elon Musk and Tesla.  Cobalt is a less glamorous but critical piece of the Green Revolution narrative.  As the Green Revolution continues to captivate us, many still don't know how this Critical Battery Material called Cobalt fits in.

the Green Revolution and Cobalt

The "Cobalt Primer" explains elemental cobalt in the context of the Green Revolution.  

  • Why is Cobalt called a Critical Battery Material?

  • How does Cobalt fit into the battery supply chain?

  • What devices and applications rely on Cobalt?

  • Where and how is it mined?
  • What are the forecasts in Cobalt supply and demand?

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