Genlith Inc. Subsidiary, Chilean Cobalt Corp., Acquires Rights To Historic Cobalt Producing Region La Cobaltera

Jan 25, 2018 4:00:00 PM

WAYNE, PA – (January 25, 2018)– Genlith Inc. (“Genlith” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, Chilean Cobalt Corp. (“C3”), has secured an option to acquire 100% of La Cobaltera, Chile’s historic cobalt producing region in the San Juan District, Atacama


  • 1,500 hectares in Northern Chile's San Juan District, Atacama
  • Historic operating site that has Chilean government production data with high grade cobalt
  • C3 operating team is led by Chile’s former Undersecretary of Mining, Ignacio Moreno

“We are very excited to put forth an initiative that, after a seven-decade hiatus, will bring Cobalt mining back to Chile. Chile has a leading position in critical battery materials and we are thrilled to have Ignacio Moreno lead the effort,” says Greg Levinson, Chairman of Genlith.

Map of the San Juan mine area in Chile Map of the San Juan mine area in Chile


Cobalt production occurred at La Cobaltera from 1844 thru 1944, and ceased at the end of World War II. Mining was focused on oxidized secondary ores, mainly erythrite, a cobalt arsenate, for which the primary use was in super-alloys for military applications. The Chilean National Service of Geology and Mining, Sernageomin, performed preliminary work on the resource in 2008. A November 2017 report by Chile’s Corporation for the Promotion of Production (“CORFO”) states that the San Juan District has cobalt mineralization in veins and mantles with average cobalt concentrations of 1.6%. The report identifies the area Chilean Cobalt Corp. secured as the premier cobalt resource in Chile. The need for cobalt as a dominant cathode chemistry in electric vehicles has sparked voracious demand for the material.


Chilean Cobalt Corp. is developing a premier cobalt project at La Cobaltera, Chile. The 1,500-hectare site has significant historical production and government data supporting ongoing potential to yield high grade cobalt deposits. It is one of only a few known resources outside of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Chilean Cobalt Corp.’s operating team is led by Ignacio Moreno, who previously served as Undersecretary of Mining in Chile.


Genlith, Inc. is an asset development company focused on energy storage and critical battery materials. Through partnerships with a network of institutional investors, the Company secures and operates projects related to these and other cleantech investments. Genlith believes the responsible development of these resources provides a superior economic opportunity and is the ultimate impact investment. As the enabler of virtually all other green technologies, energy storage is the critical link to the realization of decades of socially responsible and environmental investing.

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