Global energy is shifting towards clean energy technology

What is the Green Revolution?

Generational opportunities are emerging as the world changes the way we produce, store, and consume energy. The rapid transition from fossil fuels to alternative energy, coupled with an accelerating shift from internal combustion engines towards electric vehicles, requires an efficient energy storage platform.

Green revolution energy relies on efficient storage through Lithium-ion battery technology.

1. Stored Energy Technology

As the enabler of virtually all other green technologies, energy storage is the critical link to the realization of decades of socially responsible and environmental investing. The Green Revolution is dependent on efficient energy storage, which is only possible because of lithium-ion battery technologies.

Lithium and Cobalt are key mineral resources for clean energy

2. Critical Battery Materials

The critical materials for rechargeable-battery technologies enabling the Green Revolution are elemental lithium and cobalt. Lithium is an irreplaceable input that makes light weight rechargeable battery systems viable. Likewise, due to its unique properties, cobalt is used in 75% of electric vehicle battery chemistries.

The Death of the Internal Combustion Engine outlines trends for green revolution energy

3. Electric Vehicles 

"The Death of the Internal Combustion Engine" is a downloadable presentation that outlines the generational trend away from the traditional internal combustion engine to the Lithium-Ion Battery Powered Electric Vehicle.

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